Sheriff’s reports

Reports/Washington County

•Tyrone Taylor, of 112 Sylvan Way, Marietta, reported Aug. 17 that items were removed from the residence and damage done. This case remains under investigation.

• On Aug. 19, a deputy began an investigation regarding phone harassment. This case remains under investigation.

• A deputy responded to 7274 State Route 550, Cutler, on Aug. 19 for a report of Michael Thompson reporting Gale Osborne trespassing on his property. A brief history was obtained in reference to the neighbors not getting along. Thompson stated that he was able to view Osborne on a camera on Aug. 12 tampering with trees. Osborne at first denied being on the property and later admitted he was on the property to get his dog who had ran across the property. A summons is being requested for Gale E. Osborne, 63, of 7275 State Route 550, Cutler, for criminal trespassing.

•Kimberly Quenga, of Belpre, reported Aug. 19 that her vehicle license plate was stolen while parked on Pike Street at her place of employment. This case remains under investigation.

• A deputy met with Megan Thomas at 2837 Reynolds Run Road, Newport, on Aug. 19 in reference to her 2002 Kia Sportage being stolen from her residence. Shamen R. Thomas asked to borrow the vehicle and she told him no. Later in the day Shamen returned to the residence when Megan was gone. Shamen was not seen leaving the residence, however a short time later another resident heard the vehicle starting. Megan returned home and the vehicle was gone and the keys, were missing from inside the residence. Megan also stated that she has never given Shamen permission to use the vehicle. Several locations were checked for Shamen however he was not located. The deputy requested a warrant be issued for the arrest of Shamen Rayne Thomas, 18, of 2715 Dana Run Road, Newport, for felony theft. On Aug. 20 Shamen was located and placed under arrest for theft of a motor vehicle.

• A deputy was dispatched to 2800 Beach Drive, Lot 10, Belpre, on Aug. 19 for a possible domestic dispute. The caller, who lives nearby, stated he spoke with Brenda Bartges earlier in the evening and she stated that if William Bartges arrives, there may be problems, and for him to call the sheriff’s office. William was difficult to understand and he appeared highly intoxicated. Brenda agreed to allow William to stay at the residence, if he behaved himself and went straight to bed. Another call was made later, with the neighbor saying he could hear William yelling and causing a disturbance. Brenda advised deputies that William went into their bedroom, grabbed her, kicked her and shoved her out of the bed. Brenda stated she left the bedroom and William followed her, calling her names, and punching items inside the trailer, and causing damage. William Edward Bartges Jr., 46, was placed under arrest for domestic violence and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

•On Aug. 20, a deputy initiated an investigation into a robbery at the Washington County Jail. Investigation revealed that that Jaced Lee Jeffries, 19, homeless, and Brett Sumner Edwards, 29, homeless, would be charged with complicity. Christopher Allen Streight, 33, of 120 Ward St., Marietta, was charged with robbery. Jeffries and Edwards kept an inmate from requesting help while Streight robbed the inmate of his commissary.

• A deputy began an investigation Aug. 20 in reference to a possible menacing complaint. In speaking with all parties it was determined to be unfounded.

• On Aug. 20, a deputy, along with the Newport Volunteer Fire Department, responded to Dana Run Road to a gas well fire. Fire personnel had quickly extinguished the fire.

• A deputy was patrolling Butler Street in Marietta Aug. 21 when a vehicle stopped in the lane of travel. The deputy then observed the vehicle stop two more times. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver, Christopher D. Marple, appeared to have glassy and bloodshot eyes. Marple admitted to consuming multiple alcoholic beverages. Marple was asked to perform field sobriety, on which he performed poorly. Christopher David Marple, 46, of 933 Greene St., Marietta, was placed under arrest for OVI. Later at the Washington County Jail, Marple blew .160 percent BAC.

• A deputy responded to Jennings Hill Road, Marietta, on Aug. 21 for a report of numerous vehicles being entered and items removed. This case remains under investigation.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Terrence Dale Roddy, 48, of 783 Warrior Drive, Vincent, was arrested for forgery, a felony.

• Brent Wayne Englund, 34, of 236 E. Main St., Salem, W.Va., was arrested for illegal manufacturing of drugs, two counts, both felonies.

• Clarence Michael Francis, 29, of 4170 Sugar Run Road, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Ashley Joy Galadyna, 34, of 103 Pineview Circle, Marietta, was arrested for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

• Lisa Lynn Rogers, 54, homeless, was arrested for having physical control of a vehicle, a misdemeanor.


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