Marietta police/sheriff’s reports


• An officer responded to 330 N. Fourth St. on Jan. 22 in reference to a domestic disturbance. The resident stated he had just been in an argument with his girlfriend. The investigation resulted in no criminal charges.

• Tiger Stop, 1101 Gilman Ave., reported Jan. 22 receiving a counterfeit $100 bill the previous day.

• An officer received a case Jan. 22 from Lewisville, Texas in which a fraudulent account was opened at Chase Bank in Marietta. An investigation is ongoing.

• The department received a report Jan. 22 of a man frequently exposing himself to urinate in a parking lot on Gilman Avenue. The suspect has been identified.

• On Jan. 22, an officer spoke with concerned subjects regarding the well-being of an elderly man who seems to be suffering from the onset of dementia. Adult Protective Services is also involved.

• An officer was dispatched to Ms. Peggy’s day care on Jan. 22 in reference to an abandoned backpack. The backpack contained personal belongings such as clothes, a shaving bag and cellphone.

• Craig A. Nichols, of 325 S. Seventh St., reported Jan. 22 a breaking and entering at a rental property at 100 A Linwood Avenue that resulted in the theft of a refrigerator.

• An officer was dispatched to 206 E. Sacra Via on Jan. 22 in reference to an unruly juvenile. It was learned that during an argument with the child’s mother and the mother’s boyfriend, the juvenile threw a coffee maker out the back door, shattering it. The officer requested a summons into juvenile court for an unruly juvenile charge.

• During a traffic stop Friday in the 800 block of Clifton Street, the driver, Michael Jermane Dixon, of 822 Clifton St., was found to have an active warrant for a probation violation. He also had a suspended driver’s license. He was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail. Contact was also made with the vehicle’s owner, Renee Lee Luke, of 632 Second St., Apt. B, who was also found to have an active warrant for theft. Luke was arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail.

• Theodore James Lambert, of 119 Riverview Drive, was arrested Friday for being a fugitive of justice from West Virginia, where he was wanted for forgery.

• On Saturday, officers were dispatched to 302 Ingleside Ave. in reference to the fire department requesting assistance with an 82-year-old woman found dead. No foul play is suspected.

• Walmart, 804 Pike St., reported a shoplifter on Saturday. The suspect had fled the scene. This case remains under investigation.

• An officer responded to Wendy’s, 283 Muskingum Drive, on Saturday in reference to a criminal damaging complaint. Ashley R. Goddard, of Vincent, said she was outside when she heard a crashing sound and saw a man leaning into the passenger side window of her vehicle after breaking it. She yelled at the man, who fled the scene. A search of the area was conducted but he was not located. This case remains under investigation.

•Officers responded to 121 ½ Gilman Ave. on Sunday in reference to a domestic disturbance. The victim said her husband, William Robert Harris, grabbed her by the shoulder and drew his fist back as if he was going to strike her. He then forcefully shoved he down on the bed. William Harris was charged with domestic violence and transported to jail.

• An officer was on patrol in the 200 block of Greene Street on Sunday and observed a man loudly arguing with another man on the sidewalk. One man shoved the other. When the officer got out of his vehicle, the man who pushed the other immediately began to walk away from the officer, even after being told numerous times to stop. He was caught after a foot pursuit and continued to try to pull away while being placed in handcuffs. Jacob Clyde Hattle, of 33777 Bethel Ridge Road, New Matamoras, was charged with obstructing official business and resisting arrest.

• On Monday, a Marietta Middle School student was found to have liquor in her backpack. Juvenile court charges are pending.

• An officer was dispatched to Job and Family Services on Monday in reference to a man with psychological issues. The man had done self-mutilation and was seeking help. He was transported to the hospital for evaluation.

Reports/Washington County

• On Saturday, a deputy received a warrant from Wood County, W.Va. authorities for the arrest of Justin Brian Hines, on two counts of entry of a building other than dwelling: entry of railroad, traction or motorcar, steamboat or vessel, and one count of knowingly or intentionally possessing a controlled substance without a valid prescription. Hines, 23, of 106 Devol Drive, Marietta, was charged with being a fugitive from justice.

• Deputies were dispatched to 260 Greenbrier Circle, Marietta, on Saturday for a report of Chad Warner being passed out. Deputies met with family members who stated they heard a commotion in the house and found Warner passed out, lying on the floor, with a hypodermic syringe beside him. Chad William Richard Warner, 34, was placed under arrest, charged with possession of drug abuse instruments, and transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

• A deputy responded to 2315 Blue Knob Road, Marietta, on Saturday and met with Kenneth Roberts. Kenneth advised Michelle Roberts had choked him and scratched his neck, after a verbal argument between the two. Kenneth left the living area to diffuse the alteration and Michelle followed him, continuing to argue with him. Kenneth stated Michelle had retrieved a jewelry box and shoved the jewelry box into his chest, with him swatting the box away, causing it to fly across their bed and spilling everywhere. Kenneth again tried to leave, with Michelle grabbing him by the neck, scratching and choking him. A witness confirmed the commotion as was reported by Kenneth. Michelle D. Montgomery-Roberts, 45, was placed under arrest and charged with domestic violence. Michelle was transported to the Washington County Jail for processing.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Keith Allen Huff, 36, of 127 State Route 821, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a felony.

• Ashton Garrett Linger, 19, of 1599 Camp Hervida Road, Waterford, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Jerran Keith Knowlton, 40, homeless, was arrested for attempted murder, felonious assault and domestic violence, all felonies.

• Layton Mykel White, 20, of 150 Camelot Road, Belpre, was arrested for trafficking in drugs, a felony.

• Brandon Paul Layman, 38, of 628 Eighth St., Marietta, was arrested for driving under suspension, a misdemeanor.

• Elizabeth Anne Lang, 31, of 1009 Colegate Drive, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a felony.

• Amber Nicole Caldwell, 38, of 540 North Lake Drive, Vincent, was arrested for parole violation, a felony.

• Dana Ryan Seevers, 34, of 206 Virginia St., Beverly, was arrested for unauthorized use of motor vehicle, a misdemeanor.


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