Marietta man pleads guilty to domestic violence

From staff reports

Marietta resident Aaron Huseman pleaded guilty Wednesday to violating a protection order and was sentenced to two years community control.

Huseman, 32, last known address 240 Hillcrest Drive Apt. 41, was arrested for domestic violence in September for injuring his girlfriend at the apartment they shared, said Washington County Assistant Prosecutor Jim Schneider.

The case was continued before the COVID-19 shutdown, as the victim had moved and left no forwarding address.

“The domestic violence was somewhat suspect,” Schneider said.

During the incident, the victim had gone to the apartment they shared to move her things out and had Marietta Police officers with her. Schneider said Huseman would not let her in.

“She went around back and there was a patio door she tried to slide open,” Schneider said. “He closed it on her arm and wouldn’t let her in.”

The victim went to the police officers and said Huseman wouldn’t let her in, but didn’t mention her arm injury. After being instructed by the police to let the victim get her belongings, she was let in.

The next day, she realized she left something behind, but when she went to the apartment, Huseman again wouldn’t let her in. After an argument, she called police and said that he hurt her arm the day before, Schneider said.

In February, Huseman violated the protection order when he went to the house where she was staying. She called police stating he was there threatening her. When the police came, they confronted Huseman, but he said he had been at the apartment several times at her invitation.

Schneider said the domestic violence case against Huseman from his September arrest was weaker than the charges of violating the protection order, so they dismissed the domestic violence charge.

A bill of information was filed at the end of March, but Huseman was in drug rehabilitation in Athens. He pleaded guilty to the violation of protection order charge.


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