Public records

The following people recently picked up marriage licenses at the Washington County Courthouse:

• Andrew L. Miller, 37, of Whipple, and Heather J. Holland, 33, of Whipple; June 1.

• Isaac T. Snyder, 33, of Marietta, and Mary E. Paul, 19, of Parkersburg; June 4.

•Cody T. Wiesman, 25, of Belpre, and Kayla R. Thomas, 26, of Belpre; June 4.

• Aaron J. Smith, 38, of Vincent, and Rachel L. Motley, 36, of Parkersburg; June 4.


• Randy Milstead, 56, of Macksburg, and Marlene Milstead, 50, of Macksburg, were granted a divorce May 26.

-•Janet Butler, 40, Marietta, and David Butler, 40, of Ava, were granted a divorce May 27.

• Michael Perine, 61, Waterford, and Rebecca J. Perine, 49, of Beverly, were granted a dissolution of marriage May 29.


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