Sheriff’s reports

Reports/Washington County

• On May 25, while working the Washington County Jail, a deputy was notified that Paul Christopher had just broken the kiosk in the dorm. During the investigation, it was revealed that Christopher walked up to the kiosk, used the kiosk and punched the screen with a closed fist which caused the screen to break. Paul Kenneth Christopher, 50, of 1756 Barth Road, Belpre,was charged with criminal damaging.

•A deputy was patrolling near the intersection of County House Lane and Pike Street, Marietta, on Saturday. A Ford Focus was observed accelerating at a high rate of speed, squealing tires and making a reckless turn onto Pike Street. The deputy attempted a traffic stop with the driver of the vehicle proceeding approximately three-quarters of a mile farther before pulling into a parking lot. The driver, identified as Zachary Ryan Taylor, had a strong odor of alcohol about his person. An unopened can of beer was observed in the console area. Taylor advised deputies he had been drinking for six or seven hours, consuming about nine beers. Taylor had glassy, bloodshot eyes. In conducting standard tests Taylor was unsteady on his feet, stopping the exercise and saying he was too messed up to continue. Zachary Ryan Taylor, 20, of 4060 Sugar Run Road, Marietta, was placed under arrest and charged with OVI and operating with fictitious plates.

Arrests/Washington County

The following people were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

• Daniel James Fulford, 24, of 10 Mercer Drive, Waterford, was arrested for possession of drugs, a felony.

• Tyler James Boothby, 26, of 10 Browns Road, Apt. 3A, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Dillon Gage Anderson, 25, of 108 Buckeye Park, Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.

• Claudia Ann Collins, 39, of 1006 Myrtle St., Parkersburg, was arrested for theft, a felony, possession of drugs and theft, both misdemeanors.

• Brandon Lee Gibbs, 27, of 515 Smith St., Marietta, was arrested for probation violation, a felony.

• Clinton Dallas Hornbeck, 44, of 1002 Washington Blvd, Apt. 1, Belpre, was arrested for improperly handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle and two counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs, all felonies.

• Keyshawn Darnell Myles Gates, 19, of 1233 Laffer Ave., Akron, was arrested for assault, a misdemeanor.

• Leonard Franklin Travis, 49, of 2005 Fourth Ave., Parkersburg, was arrested for probation violation, a felony.

• John Robert Ralston, 50, homeless, was arrested for disorderly conduct, littering, and two counts of theft, all misdemeanors.

• Damon Thomas Berry, Jr., 25, of 2604 Cedar Ave., Apt. 158, Cleveland, was arrested for trafficking in fentanyl-related compound and possession of fentanyl-related compound, both felonies.

• Mindy Sue Jane Carder, 34, of 55 Lot Lane, McFarlan, W.Va., was arrested for possession of drugs, a felony.

• Chandra Renea Jenkins, 39, of 93 Marshall Circle, Elizabeth, W.Va., was arrested for possession of drugs, a felony.

• David Leonard Carr, III, 34, of 331 N. Seventh St., Marietta, was arrested for violation of a protection order, a misdemeanor.

• Tristen Allen Hart, 23, of 965 ½ Gilman Ave., Marietta, was arrested for sex offender registration of address, a felony.

• Tyler James Hess, 20, of 21600 State Route 339, Beverly, was arrested for probation violation, a misdemeanor.


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