Public records

Adams Twp.

•Larry Lang to Elden D. Augenstein, 120 Augenstein Lane, Lowell, quit claim.

•Eric M. Henniger to Eric M and Tina R. Henniger, 94 Laurel Ridge Road, lowell, warranty deed, $62,030.

•Virginia M. Matheny Life Est. et al to Randall F. Matheny et al, 1110 Windy Ridge Road, Vincent.

• Estate of Delphine E. Dotson to Robert E. Dotson et al, 2086 41st St., Cleveland, quit claim.

• Elden D. Augenstein to River Road LLC, 837 Sand Ridge Road, Waterford, warranty deed, $184,000.

• John A. Schilling to John A. and Rachel D. Schilling trustee, 707 Jonagold Drive, Canonsburg, Pa., warranty deed.

Aurelius Twp.

• Linda Sue Mincks Life Est. et al to William L. and Joseph E. Mincks, 19705 State Route 821, Macksburg.

• Heartwood Forestland Fund VII Limited Partnership to Terry M. Brown, 161 Edsell Road, Mt. Clare, W.Va., warranty deed, $134,675.

Barlow Twp.

• Shirley E. Smith to David D. Randolph and William R. Murphy, 405 Baker Road, Little Hocking, quit claim, $18,500.

• Kirby O. and Kylee D. Evans to Rodney L. Woodruff, 2595 Woodruff Road, Vincent, warranty deed, $160,000.

• Stephen W. and Judy B. Johnson to Steven M. Cochran, 417 Timberline Drive, Vincent, warranty deed, $320,000.

Belpre Twp.

• Alice J. and Steven Lewis Life Est. to Contractor Services Inc., P.O. Box 341, Little Hocking, warranty deed, $75,000.

• Stonegate Land LTD to Richard W. and Becky K. Heiden, 404 Congress Road, Belpre, warranty deed, $50,000.

• Phillip E. and Mary K. Moore to Joel D. Lynch, P.O. Box 305, Belpre, warranty deed, $74,500.

• Sharon W. Lewgood to Kurtis R. Traikoff, 111 1/2 Hocking Road, Belpre, $205,000.

• David M. Gibbs to Mark and Suzanne Belyus, 123 Pine Drive, Little Hocking, fiduciary deed, $57,500.

• Contractor Services Inc. to Terry R. Wyatt Trust, 132 Federal St., Little Hocking, warranty deed, $75,000.

• Thelma L. Hayes to Thelma L. Hayes Life Estate et al, 285 Collins Road, Little Hocking, warranty deed.

• William J. Tippie to Penny A. Stark, 5597 National Road, Triadelphia, W.Va., warranty deed, $26,000.

Decatur Twp.

• Roger W. Thatcher to Shannon L. Thatcher, 5125 Welch Road, Little Hocking, quit claim.

• Roger W. Thatcher to Shallon L. and Kelly A. Thatcher, 5125 Welch Road, Little Hocking, quit claim.

• Brian and Sherry Ogden to Brian Ogden, 62 East Lake Lane, Belpre.

• Christopher Rusher and Heather Gates-Rusher to William C. and Deborah L. Hunt, 6540 Federal Road, Cutler, warranty deed, $305,000.

• Nicholas A. and Nichole M. Richards to Tamea J. Miller, 2404 Harvey St., Belpre, warranty deed, $120,000.

• John B. and Susan T. Rauch to John B. and Susan T. Rauch Trustees, 3308 State Route 555, Little Hocking, quit claim.

• Debra K. Richardson to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, 500 Aloca Trail, Maryville, Tenn., $72,000.

• Nicholas S. and Nicole E. Wires to Joshua R. and Sarah Loscar, 10 Linton Hill Road, Coolville, warranty deed, $140,000.

• Billy J. and Mary E. Barton to John E. and Kristelyn W. Corbitt, 824 Lakeview Drive, Apt. 411C, Parkersburg, warranty deed.

•Marilyn S. Crace to Rebecca L. Moore, 1722 Turkey Hollow Road, Cutler, warranty deed, $163,000.

• Thelma L. Hayes to Marie Palmer, 101 Twin Bridge Road, Little Hocking, warranty deed.


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