Reports/Washington County

¯ Personnel with Par Mar gas station, 4796 State Route 60, Marietta, reported the theft of an alcoholic beverage on March 27. Video surveillance revealed the subject to be Antonio Munos, 18, of 502 ¢ Wooster St., Marietta, along with a juvenile subject. Both the juvenile and Munos are being summoned into court on a charge of theft.

¯ A deputy responded March 28 to 2396 Woodruff Road, Vincent, to a report that John Nelson’s cow was in the neighbor’s yard again. The deputy was at the address March 27 regarding a different cow being on the property. A summons is being requested through Marietta Municipal Court for John C. Nelson, 47, on a charge of animals at large.

¯ A complaint was filed March 29 at the sheriff’s office showing Colten Pugh’s black and white Pitbull dog running loose on multiple occasions. Pugh resides at 3011 Barth Road, Belpre, where his dog ran loose from. A summons is being requested for Colten W. Pugh, on a charge of failing to restraining his dog. Another charge of failure to restrain was filed on Pugh from an incident on March 30.

A dog belonging to Steven Pinkerman and Julie Coe, of 3011 Barth Road, was also reported to be running loose as well on multiple occasions. A summons is also being requested for both Pinkerman and Coe on a charge of failing to restrain.

¯ A deputy was working the Washington County Jail on Thursday when he received information that inmate Kyleigh Rymer, 29, of 35 Lawson Road, Cottageville, W.Va., brought drugs into the jail and distributed them to another inmate. Rymer was observed in her bunk area when a plastic baggie with white powder fell from her blanket onto the floor, which she tried to hide. While speaking with Rymer, she admitted to conveying methamphetamine and fentanyl into the jail.

Rymer said she used the fentanyl while in jail and shared the methamphetamine with another inmate. She was charged with illegal conveyance of drugs into a detention facility, tampering with evidence, trafficking in drugs and possession of controlled substances.

¯ A sergeant responded Saturday to Marietta Memorial Hospital in reference to a domestic dispute. The victim had sustained injuries from Myles Merew in Dunham Township. When Merew woke on this date, he was upset over noise being made in the home. Merew exited the home and damaged the victim’s car.

He then returned inside and started arguing with the victim. Merew then grabbed the victim, threw her to the floor, causing injury to her head. Merew continued by throwing her down and stepping on her hand, injuring her hand.

The victim was also slapped in the face giving her a bloody nose. Once the victim stated she was calling the police, Merew took her phone and purse. The victim was able to take her vehicle and seek medical attention.

Later on Saturday, a deputy responded to Veto Road, Belpre, in an attempt to make contact with Myles Lealand Merew regarding the incident, and attempt to make an arrest on the charges. Contact was made with him and a positive identification was made. Merew was advised why the deputy was there and that he was going to be arrested. Merew was told to turn around and place his hands behind his back and he said “no.” He was told again to place his hands behind his back and the deputy attempted to take his arm to gain control of him. Merew pulled his arm away refusing to comply. He was ultimately taken to the ground where he continued to disobey commands. He was ultimately arrested on the charge of domestic violence and disrupting public service. Due to the circumstances surrounding the physical arrest, Merew was transported to jail and also charged with resisting arrest.

Arrests/Washington County

The following individuals were recently processed into the Washington County Jail:

¯ James Dale Evans, 29, of Portland, was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle, a felony; and theft and restrictions on depositing litter on public property, both misdemeanors.

¯ Ross Matthew Cataffo, 46, of Marietta, was arrested for driving under suspension, a misdemeanor.

¯ Jamie Lee Brooks, 44, of Athens, was arrested for probation violation and contempt of court, both misdemeanors.

¯ Scott Lee Carpenter, 58, of Marietta, was arrested for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, a felony; and driving under suspension, lane straddling, turn and stop signals, driving while under the influence of alcohol/drugs, and OVI, all misdemeanors.

¯ Richard Allen Ackley Sr., 35, of Cleveland, was arrested for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.

¯ Myles Lealand Merew, 42, of Belpre, was arrested for domestic violence, resisting arrest, both misdemeanors; and disrupting public service, a felony.

¯ Rolando James Rodriguez, 46, of Marietta, was arrested for domestic violence, a felony.

¯ Curtis Dean Howell, 36, address unknown, was arrested for domestic violence and probation violation, both felonies.

¯ Jeremiah Dean Foster, 36, of Newport, was arrested for domestic violence, a misdemeanor.


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