Athens County Sheriff

The following incidents were reported to The Athens County Sheriff’s Office September 24- 27.

¯ Deputies responded to Arcadia Nursing home in Coolville for a suspicious female. Units patrolled the area but could not locate the subject.

¯ Deputies responded to Chauncey for a call of a suspicious male. Contact was made with the male, and it was determined that he was not doing anything criminal.

¯ Deputies responded to a residence in Coolville in reference to a male yelling in his yard for the past three days. Once on scene, deputies spoke with the male, who said he had been yelling but he has been on his property. After speaking with the male, he agreed to settle down.

¯ Deputies received a report of a reckless driver on U.S Route 33 near Rainbow Lake Road. After patrolling the area, deputies were unable to locate any vehicles matching the description that was provided.

¯ Deputies responded to a call for extra patrol in The Plains after a caller advised that he thought someone may have entered his residence and taken miscellaneous items.

¯ A Nelsonville resident reported someone had left graffiti on several items at their location. A Deputy responded and spoke with the residents and observed the areas spray painted. This case is under further investigation.

¯ Deputies responded to Millfield for a report of a male that was found inside an abandoned house. Deputies are attempting to locate the suspect.

¯ Deputies completed a report for a resident of Main Street in Coolville after they reported that several items of fencing had recently been stolen.

¯ A motorist contacted the Athens County Sheriff’s Office to report a reckless driver near Vore Ridge Road in Athens. Deputies patrolled the area but did not observe any vehicles matching the description the caller provided.

¯ Deputies responded to The Plains for a report of a suspicious person lurking around the outside of a business as the closing employee was preparing to leave. The person left prior to deputy arrival, and deputies stood by until the employee was able to safely get to their car.

¯ Deputies responded to Jacksonville for a reported assault. On scene, deputies spoke with both parties involved in the incident. The victim refused treatment from EMS and did not wish to pursue criminal charges. No further action was taken, and deputies returned to patrol.

¯ Deputies were requested to patrol Lexington Avenue in Chauncey in reference to a male knocking on doors. Deputies patrolled the area but were unable to locate the male.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to The Plains on a report of a possible impaired male in a vehicle at a local business. Deputies arrived on scene and found the male was not impaired.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to East Fourth Street in The Plains on a report of a fight. Once deputies arrived on the scene, they discovered that an involved party had left prior to their arrival. A report was taken.

¯ Deputies responded to a residence in Glouster for a verbal dispute. On scene, both parties agreed to separate for the evening and let things calm down. No further action was taken.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to Nelsonville on a verbal dispute. Upon arriving on scene, an involved male was found to have an active warrant out of Hocking County. The male was taken into custody.

¯ Deputies responded to State Route 682 after receiving a report of sounds of explosions. The caller also said that they could hear shooting. Deputies were unable to hear any explosions when they patrolled and sat stationary in the area.

¯ Deputies responded to Old State Route 33 for a suspicious activity complaint. The caller stated that a vehicle pulled into his neighbor’s driveway, and when they saw him, they left. Deputies patrolled the area but were unable to locate the vehicle.

¯ The Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to US 50 near Buckley Run Road to assist a motorist. Deputies remained on scene until a local tow company arrived. No further action taken.

¯ Deputies responded to Troy Township in reference to a suspicious person complaint. Deputies were advised that the suspect was possibly staying at a campsite in the woods in the immediate area. Units patrolled the area for the suspect, but no contact was made.

¯ A caller advised that they believed they were hearing sounds of an explosion near Lyons Street in Torch. Deputies patrolled the area, and it was determined that the sounds were coming from a prop at a Halloween event nearby. No further actions were taken, and deputies returned to patrol.

¯ A caller reported a group of suspicious people walking near North Plains Road in The Plains. Deputies patrolled the area, but no criminal activity was observed.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to Hilltop Cemetery in Millfield on a report of a needle located in the cemetery. Deputies arrived on scene, collected, and disposed of the needle.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to Connett Road in The Plains on a report of trespassers in a shed. Upon deputies arriving on scene, multiple persons fled on foot. Possible items of stolen property were located, including a cell phone that is believed to belong to one of the persons who fled. Please contact the Athens County Sheriff’s Office to identify and claim your phone if you feel you left it behind before fleeing from deputies.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to SR 682 for a report of a verbal dispute occurring in a vehicle, with the caller stating her boyfriend would not leave the vehicle. The caller then stated he exited the vehicle and is now walking on SR 685 before disconnecting the line. Upon arriving in the area, deputies did not locate the vehicle description given or any persons walking. Contact was later made with the caller who stated it was a verbal argument only, that they are still separated as she did not go back for him, and that no further assistance was needed.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to Williams Road in Athens on an open 911 call coming from an open field. Upon arriving in the area, a farmer was located in the field cutting hay. It was found to be an accidental dial from his phone that occurred while operating the tractor, and there was no emergency. Deputies returned to patrol.

¯ Deputies were dispatched to Valley Street in Trimble on a verbal dispute. After arriving on scene, the dispute was resolved, and parties were separated. Deputies returned to patrol.

¯ Deputies responded to Lodi Township in reference to what was reported as a property damage complaint. Once at the residence, it was determined to be a property dispute / civil matter related to an ongoing divorce.

¯ Deputies responded to a residence in Albany in reference to a harassment complaint. A report was taken of this incident.

¯ While on patrol, deputies located a male hitch hiking on SR 13 in Millfield. The male was found to have multiple warrants for his arrest. Deputies arrested Carlos D. Lowery Jr. and transported him to court to appear on the warrants.


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