Charles “Charlie” Chandler

Charles “Charlie” Chandler was born October 8, 1949. After his marriage to Eleanor on December 24, 1982, he attended Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, graduating in 1986 with a degree in Christian Leadership.

Charlie used this degree for the rest of his life pursuing his passion of telling others about God’s love and salvation through faith in Christ. Prior to becoming a children’s missionary and a conference speaker with Kings Kids International Baptist Mission, he worked as a youth minister at Faith Baptist Church in Easley, SC. Charlie’s enthusiasm and energy carried into his summer traveling ministry doing Vacation Bible Schools throughout the eastern and mid-western United States and Mexico and camp ministries in Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario, Canada.

He was known for his skill with puppets and his dynamic preaching. He loved people and enjoyed visiting, having people in his home, and bonfires. Charlie was always laughing and willing to stop and talk. Many times he would close a conversation by praying with those to whom he was speaking. He loved children and always made time to visit with them – and they loved him. He was always able to communicate the truths of the Bible in a way children could understand. After a long battle with kidney disease, he received a kidney transplant in 2016 and continued to serve his Lord until his death on July 25, 2020.

He is survived by his wife, Bonny Chandler (married August 24, 2018) of Beverly, OH; siblings, Herb Chandler, Mike Chandler, Carol Eicherl, Diana Stack, and Darlene Donald; children, Elaine Chandler, Ted Chandler, Heather Casey, and Hope Williams; and several grandchildren.