Free classes made for gardeners with an itch to plant

These chilly winter days are often the time backyard gardeners look ahead to planting time when the sunshine is more plentiful and temperatures begin to rise.

In years’ past, gardeners waited for their seed catalogs to arrive in the mail so they could place their order in time for planting season.

Here in Marietta, though, a series of free classes are designed to assist local gardeners looking ahead to spring. We urge anyone with the urge to plant and nurture to attend this month’s community gardening classes. Classes will be held from 1 to 2 p.m. starting this Sunday at the First Unitarian Universalist Church at Third and Putnam streets.

At least five sessions are planned, covering topics such as square-foot gardening, composting, and early season planting. Organizer Roger G. Kalter says if anyone wants other topics covered they can call and make a suggestion (373-1784).

Sessions aren’t necessarily for advanced gardeners. The emphasis is having fun and learning a less expensive way to provide food for families.

Master gardener Pat Lane, one of the presenters, says there will be some failures in the garden, but the whole idea of gardening can be fun.

So while you’re shivering in the Valley’s chilly air, take heart, spring isn’t that far away. And with spring comes gardening season. We hope you spend some time at these free gardening classes.