Lowe’s workers help out in two ways

Lowe’s employees who volunteered their time and skills to build a dozen raised garden beds in Harmar have set the bar for others to follow.

The Harmar community garden had been at risk to see no planting this year after Bermuda grass took over the garden. Thanks to the raised beds, built with volunteer materials by volunteer labor, there’s still time to plant some late summer crops such as lettuce, carrots and peas. Those who grow vegetables in the garden are asked to contribute to local food pantries, too, in an effort to curb hunger in the community. An added bonus to the raised beds is they make it easier for people with physical challenges to garden.

It’s a winning situation all the way around.

Our thanks to the Marietta Lowe’s store and the employees who worked on this project. And anyone willing to work on the next phase, the planting, can contact Harvest of Hope at 374-7357 to find out how to get started. The garden is located behind the Toy and Doll Museum on Gilman Avenue.

Hunger exists in our community all year long. All the more reason to plant even now in order to provide food to those who need it.


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