Private drug rehab clinic will expand local options

This week, a new, private drug/rehabilitation clinic opens on Colegate Drive. We think the services are needed in our community, and we expect the clinic will operate effectively proving itself a good neighbor to other businesses.

SelfRefind opens later this week and will provide outpatient services to those recovering from opiate addiction. It does so in part by providing Suboxone, a drug that helps addicts experience less severe withdrawal symptoms, ultimately helping them to kick their drug habit all together. The company runs to other clinics in Ohio, one in Portsmouth and one in Chillicothe.

Opiate addiction in widespread in southern Ohio and well publicized. Also well publicized is the reduction in state and federal funding to public treatment programs. It only stands to reason a private company would step in.

There has been some criticism of the clinic already, but no one should assume the clients of this clinic are criminals or deviants. They are people struggling with addiction and if they are coming to the clinic, they are getting help in a controlled, legal atmosphere that also offers counseling for the clients and their families.

Just this week Ohio’s ongoing problem with opiates was highlighted in a Columbus Dispatch report which showed admissions for opiate addiction to publicly funded treatment centers is on the rise all over the state. The report states many of the people seeking treatment became addicted to pills and then moved on to other drugs like heroin.

We know there’s a need for drug addiction services in our area. It will take both public and private solutions to address that need.


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