Don’t ever give up your right to vote

Six months before the general election, talk is already mounting that some voters are so disheartened by the candidates for president – regardless of the party – that they are thinking about not casting a vote at all.

Bad decision, voters.

Voting is our most direct way of making our choices known to people seeking office. If you don’t vote you don’t have a voice. And if you don’t have a voice in our political process there’s no way to make your opinions known.

No vote, no way.

We’re reminded of the Marietta city official who years ago kept a list of registered voters in his desk drawer. When someone called to ask a favor, or complain about not getting a pothole fixed, the official would look up their name on the registered voters list. If they weren’t registered, he’d say, “sorry, I can’t help you.”

So, while you may be upset about the political proces and about the choices out there we urge you to remain part of the system. It makes a difference.

Fist, register to vote.

Get involved if that’s what you want to do.

If nothing else, listen to platforms offered by the candidates.

Then, when the general election rolls around, cast your informed vote.

Americans have died for your right to vote. They have endured unspeakable horrors on the way to the ballot box. Bottom line, get out and vote. Your country needs to hear your voice.