Give PAWS program a chance to succeed

Educators have come up with new twist to reward good behavior and we hope everyone gives the PAWS program half a chance to succeed.

PAWS is a new program being introduced in a lot of schools in the area to reward good behavior rather than focusing on the not-so-good.

The whole idea behind PAWS is being positive and recognizing good things happening every day in school.

For example, Waterford Elementary School held an assembly Friday afternoon to introduce this new program to the school. The assembly started with giving certificates of inspiration to students that teachers noted  for their good character.

PAWS (an acronym for positive attitude, act responsibly)  will recognize students who are nice and just very good people, according to Jana Thomas, principal of Waterford Elementary.

“We just really want to push the use of kindness and kind words onto the students,” said Thomas.

Rather than focus on negatives, such as what to do about bullying, PAWS seeks out good things happening in classrooms every day. We hope to more about this program and its accomplishments in the months to come.

Parents can reinforce this positive influence by talking with your young children.

Here are the core values of PAWS:

¯I have a positive attitude.

¯I act responsibly.

¯I am willing to help others.

¯I strive for success.

We say, give it a chance.


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