Keep it fun but safe on Halloween

As lots of little ghosts, princesses and superheroes are roaming the streets in search of candy over the weekend, there is plenty all of us need to do as parents, neighbors and drivers to keep everyone safe.

Those participating in trick-or-treating should first remember to follow all normal pedestrian safety rules. Cross at the corner of streets, follow traffic signals and keep looking for vehicles while you cross. Put electronic devices away while you’re walking. Always walk on sidewalks when possible. If there are no sidewalks, walk facing the traffic. Parents should teach children never to cross between two parked cars where drivers might not see them until it is too late. Have children carry flashlights or glow sticks to be more visible.

There are plenty of ways to ensure costumes are safe, too. Try to avoid masks or makeups that obstruct vision and costumes that are completely dark in color. Make sure the costume is the right size to avoid trips and falls.

For those not participating in candy gathering but just driving in their neighborhood, there is special consideration to take as well.

Mostly, use common sense and be extra alert, as there will be more pedestrians than normal. Enter and exit driveways carefully. Turn your headlights on earlier than you might otherwise to ensure that you spot youngsters. Slow down.

If we all follow a few simple rules, Halloween will be a treat for all and everyone will return home safely.