Ohio’s fight against voter fraud continues

It isn’t the massive vote fraud President Donald Trump insists occurred in the presidential election last fall, but problems identified by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted are serious.

Husted has had people in his office checking the state’s Registered Voter Database, as he has done twice previously.

During the three reviews, the secretary of state’s office has found 821 registered voters who are not citizens of the United States. Of that total, 126 have cast ballots in elections.

That is less than 3/1000 of 1 percent of the number of people who voted on Nov. 8. Obviously, the proportion of illegitimate ballots cast could have no influence on a national or statewide election.

But it could make an impact on a local election. More than a few candidates win by single-digit margins. Local tax issues approved or defeated by similar margins are not uncommon. A concentration of illegal voters in one location could be decisive.

Besides, of course, the very idea that non-citizens are being registered to vote is disturbing.

Husted’s office has worked diligently, with local election officials, to clean up the state’s voter rolls. Since 2011, more than 541,000 deceased voters have had their names taken off the list. Another 1.6 million duplicate registrations have been addressed.

Clearly, however, ensuring every ballot cast in a Buckeye State election is legitimate is a tough, ongoing process.


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