Career exploration camp a plus for students

It’s an idea that seems so logical that you wonder why no one did this before. We’re talking about the two-week career explorations day camp held at the Washington County Career Center.

The first such camp, which ended last week, drew about 25 high school students from all over the county.

Mike Elliott, secondary director at the career center is pleased with the interest from students. “Now we are thinking about next year and hoping we can add more students and expand.”

All high school students in the county were invited.

“The behavior of these young adults was remarkable. I hope they now have an interest in attending the career center as their junior year approaches,” Elliott said.

At the end of week two on Thursday, students got to pick their favorite program and spend extra time doing activities in the programs they might one day attend.

Students can opt to attend the career center the final two years of high school and get a wealth of experience in their chosen field of interest. Obviously, this can be valuable in the business world.

Students interviewed for an article in the weekend edition said they wanted to make sure about their careers. It’s a great way to test the waters and then be ready to dive in when the school year begins.

Good luck to the students who attended the camp. And smart move on the behalf of the career center in coming up with the camp idea.


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