City lot in need of major repairs

People who use the city parking lot at 304 Putnam St. face a challenge that should be remedied quickly.

The asphalt pavement in the lot is deteriorated, so much so that Councilman Roger Kalter says it’s a public safety issue. Ironically, the lot serves many people who park to get to the city health department at 304 Putnam St.

City health nurse Vickie Kelly, while she’s heard no complaints from the public, admits the lot is in poor shape.

It’s probably been 30 years since the lot was resurfaced. The city had $156,372 in the parking lot fund on July 31. Kalter says re-doing the lot would cost $26,800, so it’s not like there isn’t money to get the work done.

True, the current lot doesn’t draw paying customers, but it still serves customers of the health department.

Bill Dauber, the city’s assistant safety-service director, said the city has to keep the paid lots in top shape so that people will want to continue to lease the parking spaces every month.

But can the city afford someone to fall on the rough pavement and bricks getting hurt? No!

There has to be an answer officials can work out. It’s not like paving the lot is a luxury. One look at it and it’s pretty easy to see repairs are essential.

So, in the spirit of cooperation appointed and elected officials need to work together to solve this problem before somebody gets hurt.


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