Do the right thing when celebrating

Drunk or drugged drivers are a late-night, weekend worry, so the conventional wisdom goes. But a video released by the Ohio Highway Patrol shows impaired driving happens all day, every day.

In fact, only 30 percent of the arrests by the highway patrol for impaired driving came between midnight and 3 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, according to an analysis by the patrol. The analysis did reveal the least likely time for the highway patrol to have recorded an arrest for impaired driving was between 6 and 7 a.m. on Tuesdays or Wednesday … but even then, there were 16 arrests last year.

Marijuana, by the way, IS a problem for troopers trying to keep our roads safe.

In a 24-hour “highlight” reel made by the highway patrol, one clip shows a man addressing the officer as “dude,” before placing a bong on the hood of his car; another shows the officer having to explain to a woman that her vehicle “reeks of marijuana,” after she opened the window, and that he must now search the vehicle.

But generally speaking, this is the time of year alcohol-related accidents and fatalities do increase, and the highway patrol hopes the video they released will help people understand there is simply no “safe” time to drink or become otherwise impaired and then drive.

Choose a designated driver or find another way to get home, if you choose to celebrate in a way that would impair your driving, folks. And, yes, even just a drink or two will change the way you think behind the wheel.

Do the right thing. In addition to simply being concerned about their own and others’ safety, drivers should be aware the highway patrol is watching for them at any hour, on any day.


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