Ohio rep has an idea to stop shutdown theatrics

U.S. Rep. Bill Johnson has an idea to end the partial shutdown of federal government and address concerns about illegal immigration. At first, it may sound a bit far fetched. But in the context of the theatrics that already have occurred on the matter, it may be worth a look.

And given the degree to which the shutdown has already affected far more than simply the federal workers not receiving their paychecks, all options for ending it must be on the table.

Johnson, R-Ohio, notes President Donald Trump is scheduled to deliver his State of the Union speech to a joint session of Congress Jan. 29. Nearly all lawmakers should be in attendance, provided they can overcome House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s suggestion to the president that the address be delivered on another date after the shutdown ends, be delivered in writing, or be delivered by Trump from the Oval Office.

If the shutdown/immigration issue is not settled by the time of his address, Trump should use the televised speech to offer to negotiate, right there and then, Johnson suggests. “With the entire federal legislative branch in the same room, it would be a great opportunity to craft a deal — right before the eyes of the American people, so they could see for themselves who is willing to negotiate and who is not,” Johnson explained in a press release.

Of course, that would mean Trump would have to be willing to compromise as well.

It should be noted, Pelosi’s attempted disinviting of the president to give the State of the Union address during a joint session of Congress on the appointed date came AFTER Johnson’s suggestion.

Johnson’s brainstorm may not be practical, even if the president considers it. And given Pelosi’s power play, it may not be possible. But at this point, with very little reason for optimism over the situation, it may be time to resort to unusual tactics.