Let your voice be heard on community concerns

Today is the beginning of the opportunity for local residents to weigh in on the community planning efforts of Enrich Marietta. At both Jeremiah’s Coffee House and the Marietta Brewing Company, there will be hard copies of surveys as well as electronic means of filling them out. Those electronic means will be available at both Marietta College basketball games Saturday, too.

“First Fridays is a great avenue to really launch the survey and encourage people to participate,” said Marietta Main Street Executive Director Sam Tuten. “There will be a couple of boards, which will have a map highlighting what’s been accomplished with past city planning efforts, an explainer of what could become additional projects in the future and tell more about how we’re trying to inclusively represent all people who have an interest in downtown.”

If you care about this community, folks, take advantage of the opportunity to let stakeholders know what is important to you. The information gathered now could shape Marietta’s future. And putting together an informed plan is essential.

“This isn’t the first time planning has truly benefited the city. Things like the River Trail or the levee didn’t happen by accident,” said City Council’s Planning, Zoning, Annexation and Housing Committee Chairman Geoff Schenkel. “They happened by plan and execution.”

Be part of developing that plan, then, ladies and gentlemen. Find a way to fill out the survey. (It is available at EnrichMarietta.com, too).

Your voice will make a difference.