Decisions make Marietta top priority

Marietta Main Street is on the brink of a tough year — one in which it will begin the work of putting into motion the Enrich Marietta long-term development plan. Kudos, then, to outgoing Marietta Main Street Executive Director Sam Tuten for making the decision that if he and the organization were not a perfect fit, he should step down and give it a chance to find the right person.

“I’m exploring things and thought I’d step away and give it some real thought,” Tuten said. “And because I was having inklings of doing something else, I wanted to make sure Marietta Main Street was moving along. I didn’t feel like it would do them any service if I wasn’t giving the job 100 percent.”

That is not an easy thing to admit to oneself.

Meanwhile, Marietta Main Street is fortunate to be able to call on someone with the kind of experience former executive director Cristie Thomas can offer, on an interim basis.

“We’re looking at Enrich Marietta, which is a gigantic undertaking,” said board president Tim Glover. “It’s going to occupy a lot of time over the next year, and we’re lucky to have Cristie step in.”

An executive director who understands he is not giving 100 percent and a former executive director who is willing to step in for a bit to help have given the board a chance to find exactly the right fit as they embark on this monumental effort. Neither move could have been taken lightly or made easily.

A tip of the hat to both of them for putting Marietta first.


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