Students learning unacceptable behavior

Set aside for a moment the absurd concept of “promposals” that has seized the social media generation and driven them to try to outdo each other with outrageous ways to ask their dates to the prom. One in central Ohio is not only outrageous, it is demonstrative of the degree to which too many people have become comfortable again expressing their troglodyte opinions and appear to believe there will be no consequence for their broadcasting of such hate and ignorance.

Certainly they are mostly free to do so — free, as in, the government cannot stop them, abridge their attempt or prosecute them for saying most things. That doesn’t mean they are free from other consequences or the opinion their expression might help others form of them.

A young man in the Clear Fork Valley Local School District, in Richland County, was foolish enough to share on social media a photo of the poster he used in his promposal, which reads “If I was black I’d be picking cotton but I’m white so I’m picking u for prom.”

Superintendent Janice Wyckoff called the sign “awful,” and said “Kids need to understand, when you’re celebrating things it doesn’t give you a pass on using inappropriate racial slurs.”


Is that truly something today’s kids do not understand?

Goodness, how we are failing them right now, if that is the case.

Predictably, Wyckoff also called the incident a “teachable moment.”

It should be, of course, but it is teaching that is long overdue, if the adults in this student’s life (and probably others like him) have instilled such values.


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