Take advantage of health screenings

Mid-Ohio Valley residents have the opportunity to attend several health fairs and expos throughout the region each year. These are important activities not only for the sake of those seeking new ideas for exercise classes or healthy eating, but also those who might not otherwise learn about serious health conditions.

Screenings available at some of these events, such as the one held at the O’Neill Center earlier this week, provide an opportunity for some to learn more about their health — whether they have been putting off going to a doctor or getting tests done for financial or logistical reasons, or just plain stubbornness.

Sometimes, the quick screenings available at these events give practitioners an opportunity to educate attendees about what the results mean, and what next steps they should take.

“A lot of people in our community have COPD, which is a chronic lung disease,” said registered nurse Janet Lee, quality assurance manager for Quality of Life Home Health. ” … If you’re showing low numbers we’d guide you to speak with your physician — that can indicate other things they need to keep an eye on.”

Of course, if there is a condition of which an attendee is very well aware, there may be resources and information available too. We are fortunate to live in a community where there ARE so many resources available. And if you or a loved one is one of the folks who has been procrastinating in taking care of your health, a community health fair is no replacement for a visit to the doctor, but it might be a good step in becoming armed with more information on your way.


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