Use of app will help to grow broadband services

A new free app that measures wireless signal strength and speed could be a great tool for our area and Appalachia in general–but only if people get the app and use it.

When users operate the app in their location, that data is given to the National Association of Counties, with the goal to eventually create an accurate map of broadband coverage and strength across the country.

Wireless service isn’t just a luxury, needed for streaming movies and playing video games. It’s an important, and expected, tool for businesses. Not having adequate coverage limits the region in terms of attracting employers, and it can hinder the growth of existing companies as well.

The information that can be provided by this TestIT app can finally show lawmakers and others with the power to create solutions what we have known all along– that coverage can be slow, spotty and even nonexistent through much of our area.

In order for it to work, we need local residents to participate. Only with users filling in this map will there be a complete picture to work from. The results will be used to advocate for adequate funding from Congress for underserved areas.

This is a quick, easy way we can all be part of the solution. It takes less than a minute to work and could have a big benefit for the Mid-Ohio Valley. Let’s all download it today.


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