Warren board right to do more research

At its May meeting, the Warren Local Board of Education tabled its discussion of allowing teachers in the district to be armed and the issue is expected to be considered again in June.

We’re glad to see that the board is taking the time necessary to make such an important–literally a potential life and death– decision. It can be easy to be swayed by public opinion on either side, and while the views of the public matter, particularly the residents in that district, the board has been elected to make these tough decisions. With that responsibility, we would expect they take adequate time, do as much research as possible and come to an informed decision. That research and soul-searching isn’t necessarily something everybody offering an opinion on the issue is doing.

At the last meeting, the Warren Education Association president said the group is against arming teachers. This opinion is coming from the teachers and should carry a lot of weight. Concerns included legal ramifications of firing a weapon and possible accidental shootings.

At the same time, both the union and the district leaders have been taking other steps to make security a priority. As part of those measures, the district’s schools will all soon have an armed school resource officer.

Perhaps that is enough and teachers don’t need to have this enormous responsibility added to their shoulders. We’ll let the board ultimately decide what is best for its schools but we are heartened by the fact that they seem to be taking this decision very seriously and are weighing every possible impact. Knee-jerk reactions can come too often in situations like these, as shootings dominate national headlines. We’re happy to see the Warren board rise above that. They should take as much time as they need to make this monumental decision.


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