Residents have a say in political appointments

The next Washington County prosecutor and at-large council member will be appointed, not elected, but that doesn’t mean residents shouldn’t play a role in the decision.

The Marietta Times published in Wednesday’s paper the full list of the committees making these decisions, which are necessary to fill seats vacated mid-term. We also included the meeting dates for when these decisions will be made.

If you have an opinion on who is best qualified to be prosecutor or who would best represent your interests as a council member, let these committee members know. These decisions aren’t any less important because they don’t involve a ballot being cast. Those appointed will still be representing you and taking on very important matters for the city and county.

If you don’t know those who have expressed interest in the positions, there is still time to do a little research and even talk to the potential office-holders.

There’s no public vote but these are still decisions the entire community should make. Let’s take the time to be a part of it.


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