A reminder that helmets can save lives

Some of the back roads in Southeastern Ohio make for some of the best motorcycle routes–they’re scenic, winding and have little traffic.

But a continuing lack of a universal helmet law in Ohio continues to put riders in the state at risk.

This week marked another fatal motorcycle accident in our area when a Stockport man was killed riding in Morgan County without a helmet.

We think it’s time our state legislators take another look at this issue.

Nineteen states and Washington D.C. have a universal helmet law and we’d like to see a discussion about that again in our state. Ohio is one of 28 states that has only a partial law, requiring a helmet for riders younger than 18 and those who have been licensed for less than a year.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that helmets reduce the likelihood of a fatal motorcycle crash by 29 percent. That’s not even counting the riders who could avoid serious brain injuries and other conditions by wearing a helmet.

There was once a similar debate about requiring the use of seat belts and whether that should be an individual choice. Widespread use of seat belts across the nation has proven to save lives. Let’s save some more lives–require helmets for all motorcycle riders.


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