Everyone could use healthy eating tips

Though not every local young person can participate in events such as the Kids Chef Camp at the Changed Plate Restaurant on Memorial Health System’s Belpre Complex, the concepts being taught are valuable for all of us hoping to learn how to make better choices about our food, be healthier … and know our way around the kitchen.

“It’s absolutely fundamental for our community to recognize preventive measure through food and nutrition, to prevent medical setbacks later in life,” said Bill Dodson, director of nutrition services at the facility. “Diabetes, for example, is most often seen for reactive treatment to something that can usually be prevented. This will help set a base for a healthier lifestyle.”

Expansion of the program is planned, and that is good; but those who have already participated have a chance to share what they have learned. Those who are lucky enough to be on the receiving end of that sharing should pay attention.

We all could stand to use a little more fresh ingredients (especially at this time of year, when they are so readily available), healthier cooking techniques and have a better understanding of how to use the tools for the job.

The hands-on learning will not inspire all participants to go on to become professional chefs. Most will simply learn something that will serve them and their families well for the rest of their lives. Perhaps it can spark a movement toward better cooking and healthier eating habits in some of the rest of us, as well.


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