Voter rolls must be kept up-to-date

Ohio’s Secretary of State’s office has received 20 requests so far for its list of those whose voter registrations will be subject to a purge of the rolls in September. That is a good thing, but Frank LaRose’s office is hoping for more requests.

Access to the list of names will give organizations an opportunity to reach out to some of these folks on the “Registration Reset List,” and perhaps help them avoid being removed if they can update their information in time. The list includes the names of those who have not voted during a six-year span or responded to the mailed notice.

Organizations such as the League of Women Voters, the Ohio Republican Party and the Ohio chapter of the NAACP are among those already taking advantage of the opportunity. It is encouraging to see some of those who had opposed purging the rolls are willing to do the hard work to reach out to those affected, rather than simply complaining about LaRose’s effort to do his job.

“My goal is to get that list and then to work it,” Ohio Conference of NAACP President Tom Roberts told the Columbus Dispatch. “I understand telephone is not the best way to do it, so we may be door-knocking.”

Good. The goal of this effort was never to keep those who are legally eligible to vote in Ohio from making their voice count.

Any help LaRose’s office can get in making sure the voter rolls are up-to-date is likely greatly appreciated.


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