Work together to welcome visitors

When the majestic Queen of the Mississippi docked in Marietta this week, the area where the passengers disembarked wasn’t exactly fit for royalty.

Boat staff had to clear dirt and debris from the Ohio River levee in order for passengers to walk into downtown. The Marietta-Washington Convention and Visitors Bureau, set up to provide information to the tourists, fielded complaints and Marietta residents there to see the docking said they felt the city didn’t put its best foot forward.

Ultimately this was the city’s responsibility and they dropped the ball, allowing about 100 visitors to perhaps get a poor initial impression of Marietta.

However, we hope next time around, some of the city’s partners could lend a hand.

One of the CVB’s staff members said her response to the complaints was that she didn’t work for the city. No, she doesn’t. Should she have to worry about cleaning the levee? No. But since the CVB is a tourist-focused organization with a goal of promoting the area, perhaps they could have alerted the city before the boat docked that the levee wasn’t in great shape. Marietta Main Street is another great organization focused on downtown that could have potentially lent a hand, either by calling attention to the problem or having volunteers help clear the path. After all, many of the passengers were then going to be frequenting downtown businesses.

Again, it wasn’t their job to do this, they don’t work for the city, but partnerships between organizations and the willingness to go above and beyond is part of what makes Marietta so great.

We hope next time this is a team effort to make our city look as wonderful as it is.


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