Kudos to teens working to change their world

When 17-year-old Ahni Geogerian, of Marietta, sees classmates at school, they can often seem apathetic or unwilling to participate. Involvement in the Ohio Teen Institute recently gave the teen another view.

“You can recognize there are a lot of youth in the area who are really passionate about change, because when you’re in school every day, you kind of just see people don’t care, or just kind of ignore the issues, but from here, you can see there are a lot of mature teens who do want to make a change and are currently doing so,” Geogerian said.

It’s a good reminder for us, too, about the good things being done by local youth, and the potential for even more.

We see a lot of great young people in the community, taking on service projects, speaking out on issues they’re passionate about and helping to promote change. This is a good reminder for all of us to support them, to listen and to help them succeed. These teens will soon be adults and some will be decision-makers in our local communities and governments. Others will go on to help move industries forward and to create. Many will make a big difference in the world.

The adults who attended the institute said they see many of our teens struggling with depression and anxiety. This can’t be ignored. We need to make sure they have the resources needed to be healthy, physically and mentally, and go on to the great things they envision.

The goal of the students and educators who attended the Ohio Teen Institute is to start one at the county level. We think that’s a great start. These are voices we should be listening to, and responding to.

We commend these teens for stepping up and learning to be leaders. Now, let’s support them in their next steps.


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