Volunteers make a difference

“I just like helping,” said Doris Robinson, at a dinner honoring Memorial Health System’s hundreds of volunteers.

It is a sentiment that is likely carried by all of the folks — from ages 17 to 93 — who give of their time and energy to make patients more comfortable, and their experience at the hospital a little easier.

(For that matter, some of what is done by the volunteers makes things a little easier for paid staff, too.)

Those volunteering for Memorial are not afraid of work. They help patients register, give directions, get food and drinks for patients and family, restock shelves and offer comfort, among many other tasks. In other words, they keep the engine running.

“What you do sets us apart as a health system,” said Memorial Health System board chair Colleen Cook. “You are a really important part of how we deliver care.”

It tells you how much the volunteers have become part of the culture at Memorial that last week’s dinner at the Lafayette Hotel was the 37th event honoring them. It is a small but important way to say thanks.

Most of the volunteers at last week’s dinner would likely say the work is its own reward, and that they enjoy making such a difference.

We are certainly grateful they do.