Businesses on Harmar Hill would be welcome

The news that a Frostee Shoppe, Too was opening on Harmar Hill was met with excitement from many of the residents of Marietta’s highest neighborhood.

We’re glad to see a new business open its doors, too, and we hope that momentum will continue on the hill, where there is currently a gas station and farm market but no grocery store or other retail options.

We doubt those on Harmar Hill want to see it flooded with businesses that take away from its quiet streets. However, a small grocery store there would be of great convenience to residents and would likely be quite successful. A full restaurant might also be nice.

We’d like to see our Fourth Ward Councilman, Geoff Schenkel, and other city officials work to remove any obstacles for potential business owners and try to promote a little business growth on Harmar Hill.

All three candidates for Marietta mayor live on Harmar Hill. Perhaps they can encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to consider it.

We hope this opening is just of one of several to come in the neighborhood.