Career Center a shining star

Amid state report card results that left much to be desired for most of Washington County’s school districts, there was one very bright spot.

Washington County Career Center scored three As and one B, for an overall score of an A — tying for top in the state with two other schools. (That’s tops out of 91 joint vocational schools in the Buckeye State.)

It takes a lot to achieve that kind of success — and not just a matter of success on a bureaucratically churned out report card from the state, but true success for the students, too.

Among the more significant factors supporting that kind of performance is, as Superintendent Dennis Blatt pointed out, a simple matter of attitude.

“No. 1 is the positive climate at the school,” he said. “Our teachers do a good job of helping the students fell like they have a voice, that their concerns are being heard. It’s a mindset that says ‘I can do anything.'”

And they have done great things at Washington County Career Center.

“Our students earn, at a really high rate, industrially recognized credentials,” Blatt said. That means they are prepared to be valuable members of our workforce.

Of course the challenge now is to keep up the good work. But in the meantime, students, staff and administrators are to be commended for such a performance. Certainly Mid-Ohio Valley employers can take note.