Drills must occur in schools

Toledo Public Schools officials have egg on their faces because some students had (fake) blood on their clothing. Here’s hoping the education administrators get some of the praise they are due, too.

Last week, officials held an “active shooter drill” at the school system’s Toledo Early College. In an effort to make the exercise as realistic as possible, some students were told to pose as if they had been shot. Fake blood was applied to some of their clothes.

School officials then posted information about the drill, along with pictures of the students, on Facebook. That offended some people, who objected to photos of students who, fake blood and all, were mimicking wounded and dead youngsters. Some critics urged that administrators responsible for the post be fired.

The pictures were removed from the Facebook post and school officials apologized.

Fine. In this day and age of ultra-sensitivity, it probably was a bad idea to post the pictures. Those responsible should receive a good talking-to regarding public relations.

Then, parents should offer their thanks to everyone involved in the drill.

Students — even young ones — who are prepared for school invasions by those bent on violence are much more likely to survive. In the highly unlikely event that a gunman or bomber strikes a Toledo school, his or her would-be victims — and their parents — will have reason to be grateful to school officials who scheduled the drill.

It is something that should occur periodically at every school. Similar exercises occur at many schools in our area. They should be scheduled everywhere … perhaps without the fake blood Facebook postings.