Let road work be done and be patient

“It needs to be done, so we’ll just try to make it work.”

Washington County Career Center Superintendent Dennis Blatt has precisely the right attitude when it comes to those who will have to deal with full and partial road closures during a 90-day waterline replacement project on Harmar Hill.

Department of Transportation workers and city engineering crews often find themselves in a darned if they do, darned if they don’t position when it comes to road and infrastructure work, and drivers must remember that as they look for alternative routes during the project. While the closures may be an inconvenience, the work is necessary, and advanced planning should alleviate some of the frustration.

Road closures that begin next week will accommodate “a waterline replacement. That project goes from the intersection of Ohio 7 and Lancaster Street, up the hill and around, and continues straight out Alta Street and Riley Drive,” project engineer Eric Lambert said.

A project with that scope will affect plenty of drivers and homeowners, but planners have given as much information as they can about the project and detours. Those living closest to the work seem to be ready.

“Everybody knew it was coming, so they were all prepared for it,” said Ken Strahler, with Harmar Hill Neighborhood Watch.

Good. Other drivers will have to be prepared as well; and there’s no telling what the outcry would be if the work did not get done.

Be courteous and patient in letting them do it, folks.