Thanks to all workers who keep us moving

Today is an extra day off for most people, as we celebrate Labor Day. It is a day honoring workers — the people who ensure the wheels keep turning on this economy of ours.

Some of them do not get a day off today. Some of them are so important they must let the rest of us enjoy our break while they keep the lights on, keep the plants and factories running, serve, protect and take care of us. Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley our communities are built on that kind of work ethic. If it needs to be done, we get it done.

It is good then to celebrate today the generations of people across the country who embraced the same attitude, who built what we are. We must remember them and the challenges they overcame as we hope for a day when there are more opportunities for those of this generation who would also like to be working and part of building our future.

Celebrate responsibly today as you gather in backyards for one last outdoor meal, one last dip in the pool for the year. We want everyone to be able to go back to work tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day!