Take an opportunity to thank local heroes

Monday was National First Responders Day — a day to recognize the men and women who sacrifice constantly so that the rest of us might feel safe and protected.

Law enforcement officers, firefighters and paramedics deserve far more than a day’s nod to what they do for us. They are heroes in the real sense, not the cape-and-mask-wearing kind. These are folks who live understanding “it’s always been in me to do all I can for others. If they need us, we’re there,” as EMS Squad Chief Marcella Fleming of Lower Salem put it.

In an area like our, ranging from rural communities to more urban environments, those jobs can be even trickier.

But, “our jobs boil down to helping people,” said Marietta Fire Chief C.W. Durham.

For them, it’s that simple. Most of the rest of us cannot imagine operating that way.

So we are grateful for those who do. And, though the official day of recognition was Monday, there is another chance for all of us to show our gratitude Friday, as the theme of November’s Marietta Main Street First Fridays event is “Who’s your hero?”

Join the celebration if you can, but even if you simply see one of our first responders out on the street — or on the job — don’t miss the chance to say “thank you.”