Grateful for our veterans

Today we honor those who have served this great country as members of our armed forces. We honor men and women who are veterans of all wars and military conflicts — even if the observance began as an honor for those who had served in World War I, celebrated as Armistice Day.

Generations of men and women have been willing to serve the rest of us — been willing, if necessary, to give the ultimate sacrifice –and are deserving of far more honor than what can be handed out on one day. For 243 years it has been because of those who were willing to fight that the rest of us can enjoy our freedom — even our freedom to express opinions about the military that, let’s say, fall short of expressions of gratitude.

Many local school children have had the opportunity to thank veterans who have attended ceremonies at the schools in recent days. It is encouraging to know so many of them are learning the importance of our military men and women, and the debt of gratitude we owe to them.

“The U.S. Military is us. There is no truer representation of a country than the people that it sends into the field to fight for it. The people who wear our uniform and carry our rifles into combat are our kids, and our job is to support them, because they’re protecting us,” said author Tom Clancy.

(It is a sentiment some who are supposed to be providing the kind of medical care our veterans deserve, at our Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals, would do well to remember.)

We are grateful to our local veterans for what their lives have meant for the rest of us. Thank you, folks!


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