Transparency for taxpayers is always a good thing

While politicians are often accused of being too loyal to their respective party lines to effectively work together, sometimes it is true that officials of the same party can be even more loyal to their respective bureaucratic kingdoms, and make working together nearly impossible.

But, at least in the Buckeye State, two such officials seem to have found a way past all that.

Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and Treasurer Robert Sprague, both Republicans, are tossing aside divisions over Ohio’s online checkbook in favor of doing what best serves taxpayers. Imagine that.

Under Gov. John Kasich’s administration, OhioCheckbook.com, a product of the state treasurer’s office; and the Office of Budget and Management’s Interactive Budget did not play well together. They were competing — redundant — sites where taxpayers could search for state spending information.

At the time, Kasich insisted the OBM could provide more thorough information, despite his Treasurer Josh Mandel launching Ohio Checkbook.com. Mandel claimed Kasich was trying to undermine the website.

Now, the plan is for OhioCheckbook.com to remain active, but to fold in the more detailed revenue information from the OBM. That will mean, better service, at a lower cost, and with more transparency for taxpayers.

Husted and Sprague seem more bent on collaboration than competition. Good for them.


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