Appreciate everyday heroes all the time

Right before they streamed out of the building for Thanksgiving break, those at Washington Elementary School took a few moments to be thankful for some behind-the-scenes warriors.

Honored in an assembly were aides, custodians, secretaries and other support staff, who were given superhero capes and letters of appreciation from students.

We’re glad they took the time to do this. These staff members are just as vital to the operations of a school as the teachers and students, and they so rarely get recognized.

A custodian, a cafeteria worker, a bus driver, they’re all daily parts of our local childrens’ lives. Just like teachers, they care for our children when we’re not there, in varied ways. Even the nightime staff, rarely seen, plays a critical role in their school days.

We can all show our appreciation for these types of workers outside of schools as well. It’s coming up on the season when we’re most likely to recognize those often invisible forces who work to keep our lives running smoothly, by tipping our garbage collectors or making cookies for our mail carrier.

But let’s keep that appreciation going year-round, not just seasonally. Is there someone who cleans the building where you work? Someone who delivers food to you regularly? Tell them thank you. Ask about them. Show them you see them. Washington Elementary did and it meant a lot to those they honored, who were all smiles and near tears.


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