Epicenter a valuable jumping off point

It takes a lot of courage to start a business. In many cases, it takes some money (or at least some financial backing), too.

That is why projects such as the Epicenter business incubator, run by Building Bridges to Careers, are so important.

With little overhead and access to support resources, Epicenter provides an entry point for those who might otherwise be intimidated by the obstacles to starting a business. The program recently had its first graduate, Back In Line Chiropractic, which is moving out, but not moving far.

“It gave him an affordable place to start practice without all the overhead costs of a traditional office,” said Tonya Davis, careers coordinator for BB2C. “It also gave him a highly visible space because of the Epicenter traffic …”

In fact, it turns out placement of the Epicenter on Lancaster Street is boosting more than just individuals looking to start a business.

“We’re very excited about having him locate in the Harmar community, just down the street from us,” Davis said. “It shows that what we’re doing is impacting the economy around us.”

Though there is now a vacancy at the incubator, that spot is likely to be filled soon. However Davis said “we can take businesses on a waiting list, so that when a vacancy occurs, we can call you.”

Entrepreneurs who are not starting out with many advantages have at least one, here in Marietta. With its first graduate, Epicenter has proved it may just be the ally a budding business-owner needs.


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