Say yes to placental donation

A donation made this week by a new Parkersburg mom who gave birth at Marietta Memorial Hospital could have a significant impact on more than two dozen lives.

Kristen Casto was the first patient at Memorial to donate a placenta to the Lifeline of Ohio program. Donations started through the program in Columbus last year, and in other facilities placentas have been donated for this purpose for about a decade.

We’re happy that Memorial and Lifeline are working together on this and that this gift can now be given in our area.

Placental tissue can be used for skin grafting, helping to treat ulcers, burns and other wounds. There is no downside to donation, as the placenta ordinarily becomes medical waste after a procedure.

“Knowing it will help other people..how could you not do this,” said Casto, who gave birth to son Arlo on Monday. “It was very easy on my end.”

This is one of the best kinds of medical innovation, as a natural, already-existing material can be used to improve and save lives. Each donation could help up to 25 people.

Those at Memorial anticipate that about 11 percent of the women who give birth each year at the hospital would be candidates for this type of donation.

We hope they, like Casto, say yes.


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