Protection at ball games should be implemented

Anyone who has enjoyed a baseball game is familiar with the warnings to keep alert for objects leaving the field –fast-moving balls and bats (pieces of them), for the most part. But the truth is even the most alert among us might have a difficult time fending off a line-drive foul ball that had been hit with strength intended to ensure a home run.

That is why Ohio lawmakers are considering legislation that would require all major and minor league baseball teams in the state to install protective netting from foul pole to foul pole, by the 2021 season.

Though some teams have come up with structural or financial reasons for why such a requirement might be a challenge, it appears as though they all plan to try to work toward improving safety.


For Dina Simpson, who lost sight in her right eye after being struck by a ball while attending a Lake County Captains game in 2017, it is too late.

“I’m thankful I took the hit and not my (4-year-old) son,” she said.

Perhaps she will be able to breathe a little easier and return to enjoying baseball games with her family, if such legislation is enacted.

We all will.


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