Taking care of blight should continue to be a city priority

Marietta City Council is moving forward with purchase and demolition of another blighted property, one that’s at risk at collapsing over Goose Run and a city sewer line.

We’re glad that these steps are being taken by our local leaders and that blight in the city continues to be viewed as a front-burner problem by them. These blighted properties don’t just affect the immediate neighbors, who have to deal with eyesores, wild animals and health concerns. These sites affect the city as a whole–how Marietta looks to potential investors, to those thinking of relocating here and those thinking about leaving. They’re part of our community make-up. We have to take care of our city.

Should this responsibility fall on city officials? No. It should be dealt with by the property owners. But as the fight against blight has raged on for years, we’ve learned that trying to enforce that can be a costly, meandering and often, fruitless, process.

The commercial property at the corner of Putnam and Seventh is expected to be purchased for $8,000 with capital improvement funds. Then demolition is expected to be completed through a combination of federal Community Development Block Grant funds, the city blight fund which this year has a $75,000 allocation and other funds yet to be determined.

We wish none of these funds had to be used in this manner. But we’re glad these problems are being dealt with. All of Marietta is better for it.


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