Time to reflect and try to heal as a nation

Got those new calendars hung up? Your pork and sauerkraut simmering? Resolutions at the ready?

Good. Let’s get 2020 started right.

Today’s possibilities are endless. It is the day on which we all give ourselves — and those around us — the chance to hit the reset button.

If we are all determined to be better people, it is important we are gentle with ourselves and each other.

Do a little soul searching about the best ways to take care of yourself — but also to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Examine your emotions, be honest with yourself — and just to be clear, none of it has to be posted on social media; in fact, the less said the better.

And then let’s all resolve that in the midst of this rash of self-improvement, we also start to heal as a nation. Compassion and understanding doesn’t always mean agreement. Let’s have a little more of that, and a little less of letting ourselves be intentionally divided.

Don’t spread what you know not to be true because you think it advances an agenda for the greater good. In fact, don’t pass something along unless you know it to be true. (And up-to-date.)

Don’t spread something you know deep down is intended to be hurtful to someone different from yourself. (For that matter, don’t spread something intended to be hurtful to someone exactly like you, either.)

They may not be typical resolutions like eating better, exercising more, saving money — in a lot of ways, these ideas are a lot harder to carry out.

Let’s try, anyway. We can do it.

If we manage it, it will, indeed, be a happy New Year.