Belpre on the right track for producing well-rounded students

Last week, a woman in Jackson Township, Ohio, was arrested for disrupting public service after she called 911 multiple times … to complain that her parents had cut off her cell phone service. She is 36. Meanwhile, politicians who want us to believe they are capable of being the leader of this great country taunt each other with preschool level insults and justify their own terrible behavior by pointing out that, well, someone else did something bad, too, in a manner that no parent of toddlers would accept.

Thank goodness the students in Belpre City Schools recognize it is time to do something to break the cycle. During Monday’s Belpre Board of Education meeting, the board adopted “Portrait of a Graduate,” and will begin taking steps toward making sure all Belpre grads are “critical thinkers with integrity,” “empathetic communicators,” “creative,” “hopeful,” and “goal-oriented.”

According to Superintendent Jeff Greenley, it was the students who wanted to learn how to disagree with one another without hostility.

They understand that, in addition to learning all they can academically, they need help learning how to become productive, successful, responsible adults who are ready not only for the workforce, but for healthy relationships with others. It is encouraging to know they want that for themselves –and perhaps to be part of the generation that breaks the cycle in which we now find ourselves as a society.

Parents and community members will need to be part of the change, too, if it is to be truly effective. But certainly the move by Belpre’s BOE is a fantastic start.


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