Community quick to help needy; it needs to continue

Marietta and surrounding communities are fortunate to be filled with generous people who will not just dig into their pockets, but also do the work necessary to help those in need.

An example last week is just one of many.

“When (a story in The Marietta Times) first came out, I read it that morning and immediately contacted some of our donors we know are passionate about this,” said Marietta Community Foundation Executive Director Heather Allender. “With the temperatures dropping with snow (last) weekend, we know this isn’t a long-term solution, but to get them out of the cold was our first priority. Everyone deserves a warm, comfortable night and a nice meal.”

Eight rooms in a local hotel were reserved with the help of the MCF Jerry and Jennylou Brock Fund for the Hungry, Homeless and Needy, which sent $2,000 to the Salvation Army. Some of the money was used to help Harvest of Hope volunteers feed the folks who were sheltering in the hotel rooms.

It’s an extension of behavior that has been going on forever in Washington County.

“We used to put up guys at the Knight’s Inn while I was on the road,” said Maj. Troy Hawkins of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office. “I don’t want to come on a body. Preservation of life is paramount in everything we do… you don’t want to end up dead of exposure.”

Good people help; and there are many very good people in our communities.

But that generosity should not mean officials breathe easier, believing they do not need to keep working as hard to find solutions to the problem.

Homelessness will never disappear completely. We know that. But we can do better.

The spirit shown by those who jumped into action last week should inspire EVERYONE to, indeed, do better.


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