Parking guidelines necessary downtown

Some parking enforcement changes being considered by Marietta City Council are getting some negative reaction from residents, but we would remind them to consider all angles on the issue.

Council is considering a return to chalking tires to mark how long vehicles have been in parking spots and increasing the violation fee from $10 to $20 for timed spots, among other proposals.

Yes, it can ruin your day if you get a ticket. But consider how lucky we already are regarding parking in the city. Parking is free. There are no meters. You can park on the street and in several lots at no cost.

While there are many two-hour and 20-minute parking spots (during the daytime, during the week) those are necessary. How can businesses downtown bring in customers if the spots are occupied all day long by workers, residents or even someone who left their car downtown after a late night and waits three days to come to retrieve it? There has to be a turnover of spots. We all appreciate that when we’re the ones headed downtown to shop, run an errand or get a haircut.

Outside of downtown, there have also been issues in several neighborhoods of disabled cars being left parked on the street for days, weeks and even months. For those residents who don’t have garages or driveways and rely on street parking, this can be quite the inconvenience.

There must be proper guidelines and enforcement, and we don’t think the ordinances being considered now are too strict or punitive. They seem reasonable.

In Marietta, we are already much more parking friendly than most cities, big or small. If these changes are approved, that won’t change.


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